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Four Years in Queensland

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Published in 1870, 'Four Years in Queensland' gives Edward B. Kennedy's observations on the colony of Queensland during his stay in the late 1860s ...

... I have so often been asked by friends at home, "What sort of country is Queensland?" "What is the life like?" "Whether it would be advisable to emigrate?"—and so many other questions, that I think the best way of answering them is to "jot down" my experience and remarks in the following little work; and in doing so I wish it to be understood that I have done my best to paint matters as they really are, and to describe everything precisely as it presented itself to me during a residence of over four years in the Colony ...

The contents include chapters on the climate and area of Queensland; general features of the country; aboriginals; earth – beasts and snakes; air – birds and insects; water – fish and alligators; fruits, flowers and woods; squatting; agriculture – exports and imports, sugar cultivation, future prospects of the colony, South Sea Island labour etc; the Diggings – Gympie Creek; and a digest of the new Land Act.

Homesteads The introduction of the clauses referring to homesteads in the Act is one of its distinctive features ; and being to a certain extent derived from America, the result of its operation is looked upon with some degree of anxiety. In the earlier stages of passing the Act through the legislature, it was proposed to adopt the principle of giving the land gratuitously, provided that residence for five years was complied with ; but, amongst the more prudent of the members, it was deemed that a too great liberality, ...