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Colonial Facts and Fictions

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Written by Mark Kershaw in 1886, this book is both a light-hearted and more serious look at life in Australia and New Zealand.

He covers a wide range of topics - Adventures with a boomerang, A Newcastle legend, The Royal Society of Hulloomaloo, A wonderful bath, A circular story, The smelting works, The rabbit difficulty explained, Dickey Adams, About earthquakes, and more. He also gives a more serious description of the country he visited – North Australia, Queensland, the Darling Downs and New England, Early days in Melbourne, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

... Stanthorpe is a funny little place. It consists of a few low, one-storied houses along the sides of wide roads, I can't call them streets. They have too much grass on them to be streets. I hardly know why, but I shall remember Stanthorpe, the last town I visited in Queensland, for very many years .... Stanthorpe was at one time one of the principal tin mining centres in this part of the world. There is still a little mining going on. The tin occurs in grains and pebbles distributed through alluvium. The earth is thrown into boxes or sluices through which water is flowing. The light materials are washed away and the heavy tin remains behind.