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From Chart House to Bush Hut

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Published in 1920, this book records the experiences of Charles W. Bryde as he left the sea and took up the life of a land-lubber in the Atherton district, North Queensland.


... The idea in mind is to present, as far as possible, a true picture of life in the Scrub, as I had experienced it. With this end in view, I have neither glossed over the difficulties and disabilities, nor enlarged on the advantages, of selection life in the Scrublands. I have tried to make the book a fairly reliable and interesting guide to anyone thinking of tackling the life. With what success I leave the reader to determine.

Bryde visited Melbourne at the age of sixteen, on a windjammer. The idea of settling in Australia occurred to him at that time but it wasn’t until 1912 when he was twenty-seven that he said goodbye to the sea. In twenty-four chapters he describes his life at sea and the various challenges he met as he set out to make a new life on the land – Newcastle-Chile Coal Run, One Night in Port Jackson, Good-bye to the Sea, I Become a Land-lubber, Northward Ho!, The Promised Land, My Selection, I Start as a Land-holder, Camp Life, Colonial Experience, Home Again!, Scrub Life, The Cyclone, Effecting Improvements, More Improvements – Bullockies, An Accident, Social Amenities, Burning Off, Wardsman and Deckhand, Married, Starting Housekeeping, Struggling Along, Joyful Experiences of Cow-Cockying, and L'Envoi.