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Press Release - 3rd Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Cruise 10-19 Feb 2013

The 3rd Unlock the Past History & Genealogy cruise 10-19 February 2013

Adelaide, South Australia, 1 July 2012 - Unlock the Past announces the 3rd Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Cruise. This will be a relaxing 9 night cruise to the South Pacific, combined with a fascinating history and genealogy themed conference.

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Unlock the Past is planning further cruises and would like your feedback

We will consider only cruise ships with good conferencing facilities - and available to us all/most of time. Cruise lines with ships we know that meet these criteria are:

Major Events Survey

 Major Events Survey

Thanks to the 455 people who responded to the Events Survey we conducted recently. In general, the responses were very positive and lots of good ideas were suggested which we hope to incorporate in the planning of future events. See also the blog Unlock the Past events - past events, a review and the future.

Unlock the Past events - past events, a review and the future

Unlock the Past has organised a number of special events since early 2010. Here we combine a review of these with the feedback from our recent Unlock the Past Major Events Survey to give you an overview of how they have gone and what we may consider in future. A copy of this blog can also be downloaded as a PDF file. This post is fairly long.

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - An overview

After a 6 hour wait at Brisbane airport, 2.5 hour plane ride to Adelaide, then 40 minute car ride, I finally made it home Saturday night at about 8pm. The shower kept moving the next day but otherwise I was fine with being back on dry land. (Please note: cruise ships have bathrooms that are nice but very compact, and if you're going to feel the ship's sway then it'll be in there. Whatever you do, hang on and don't close your eyes when having a shower.

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - Day Six

I apologise to all my fans that I did not manage to write this blog on either Friday or Saturday. Friday I could not arrange to have a computer, and Saturday I did not have access to one until I finally arrived at home at 8pm, at which point I wasn't particularly interested in writing a blog.

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - Day Five

We were back into the swing of things now that the off-shore touring was over. The Unlock the Past program ran all day, beginning at 8am and not really stopping until about 9pm. Different things cater for different people’s taste - there were the general forty-five minute talks for the entire 240 delegates, shorter sessions for 60 people, as well as table discussion groups for either lunch or tea (I have noticed that different generations or localities speak of dinner as either lunch or tea, so I’ll avoid the word entirely to save confusion).

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - Day Four

Today was without an Unlock the Past program so people were free to spend their time in Vila without being tempted to attend talks or group discussions. I walked down the gangplank at 8.10am, ready for my tour at 8.30am. The sun was intense once more, and I knew it would be a hot day. The forecast was merely just above 30 degrees but the humidity was far greater than I’m used to.

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - Day Three

Before rushing head-long into today’s events I must write about last night’s excitement. I stayed up until the ridiculous hour of 11pm to watch the ship pull out from Noumea. A little tugboat arrived at the rear of the ship at approximately 10.30pm, and subsequently put on a bit of a show, turning around in circles, meandering to and fro. I’m not sure whether the driver was bored or if there was method in their madness, but it occupied both their and my time waiting until the ship was ready. Finally the time obviously arrive at 10.45pm as the tug moved closer to the harbour.

Unlock the Past Cruise March 2011 - Day Two

Today was our first sunny day and the heat was surprisingly intense. The deck was full of cancer-loving sunbathers and others jumping in and out of the pools. The sea was much calmer, something my stomach appreciated greatly.

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