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On which online sites have you put your family tree?

Here are the results of our 33rd Unlock the Past poll - On which online sites have you put your family tree? Votes were cast by 247 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

The responses indicate that most people have their family tree online in at least one place though a significant portion (23%) do not have it online at all. The most popular site to have a tree was Ancestry where 43% have public trees accessible to everyone and 25% have private trees where you need to contact the owner for access. The popular British site, GenesReunited, stores trees for 31% of those responding. MyHeritage, which has multiple language options and features many continental European families, was chosen by 18%. Ten percent use the site, LostCousins, which employs the very different approach of getting users to enter exact results for various census returns.

Some sites have free options which means it is still possible to advertise your research interest without having to pay for the privilege so it is important to investigate all options and find the one which suits you best.

Online siteVotesPercent voters
Ancestry - private trees 61 24.7
Ancestry - public trees 106 42.9
Ancestry World Tree 8 3.2
FamilySearch 18 7.3
Findmypast 20 8.1
GenCircles 8 3.2
GeneaNet 5 2.0
GenesReunited 76 30.8
Geni 10 4.0
LostCousins 24 9.7
Mundia 12 4.9
MyHeritage 45 18.2
OneGreatFamily 7 2.8
TribalPages 12 4.9
WikiTree 1 0.4
WorldConnect (Rootsweb) 10 4.0
None 56 22.7
Other 18 7.3

Where the voters came from

    • Australia - 192
    • Hong Kong - 1
    • Ireland - 2
    • New Zealand - 5
    • Singapore - 1
    • United Kingdom - 2
    • United States - 3
    • Unknown - 41

Other comments

  • World Family Tree
  • Heritage
  • My own personal website / pages (7)
  • Why should I put them on and then have to pay to update them?
  • Microsoft word
  • FamNet. The Family History Network New Zealand
  • Genebase
  • Roots Magic 6
  • Webtrees (2)
  • Family Tree Maker 2006



Hi. I have been a WikiTree user for almost 3 years. Recently I have gained a small role on WikiTree as a community consultant; someone to help users. I am also the only Australian representative of WikiTree. WikiTree has only a small team. It is one of the truly free options out there.

WikiTree works on collaboration. The users become part of a community sharing one global tree. WikiTree users are generally a genrous lot prepared to help others with their problems. For instance, many have kindly listed themselves as available to help with translation of genealogical documents.

An Honour Code has also been created to foster co-operation.

Personally I have had great success making connections with "new" cousins because of WikiTree.

I would really love to see more Australians joining me on WikiTree so we can work together on our history.

Paul Bech


Re: Poll for Online Pedigree Sites

Unlock the Past is Australian based and has been Australian and New Zealand focused, though with our move into international genealogy cruises and ebooks we expect to be seen more overseas as well.