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8th cruise presentation ehandouts

Speaker Handouts

Some speakers had ehandouts to accompany their talks. These can be found via the following links:

Group A - available only until 31 August 2015
They will be removed from this list - and any speaker host locations - after 31 August 2015

Janet Few

  • click here - to download the following (available until 31 August 2015)
    - A to Z of family history: some less well known UK sources
    - ’Til death us do part: causes of death 1300-1948
    - Putting your ancestors in their place: a guide to one-place studies
    - The ones that got away: tracing migrant ancestors
    - Farm, fish, faith or family?: emigration from North Devon 1830-1860

Caroline Gurney - click on the following (available until 31 August 2015)

  • Tracing agricultural labourers
  • Tracing merchant seamen

Cyndi Ingle

  • click here to download the following talks (available until 31 August 2015)
    A guided tour of Cyndi's List 2.0
    - Building a digital research plan
    - Evernote for every genealogist
    - Foreign language tools
    - Internet lower your expectations
    - Maintaining an organized computer
    - Pin your ancestors down with Google Maps
    - Timelines.pdf

Chris Paton - Click on the following (available until 31 August 2015)

  • Genealogy without borders
  • Discover Scottish land records
  • Irish records online
  • British and Irish newspapers
  • Discover Scottish civil registration records
  • Down and out in Scotland
  • The godly Commonwealth
  • Irish land records

Group B - will generally continue to be available after 31 August 2015
They will remain on this list as long as speakers permit after 31 August 2015. After that the restricted ones above will be removed and this page opened to a wider public by adding a link to it on our Unlock the Past Articles and other free content (ehandouts) page

Shauna Hicks - click on the following
  • click here (and scroll down) to download the following talks , including the two Shauna missed presenting
    Caring for your family archives
    - Diaries and letters: fleshing out the family history 
    - Family history on the cheap: tips and tricks
    - Military ancestors: discover their stories
    - Skeletons in the family: looking at convicts, prisons and asylum records
    - What was the voyage really like?
Eric Kopittke - click on the following
Rosemary Kopittke - click on the following

Paul Milner

  • click here to download the following talks
    - Discovering English parish registers
    - Buried treasure: what’s in the English parish chest
    - Discover English census records
    - Are you lost? Using maps, gazetteers and directories for British Isles research
    - Occupation and guild records
    - Tracing your pre-WWI British soldier
    - 1914: tracing your British WWI soldier 

Gordon Nuttall - Click on the folowing links to various resources relating to Gordon's talks